​How Do I Place An Order?


In the shop, select which product you would like to view more information on...  you can view all the images here


Select your options, choose to upgrade your coil to gold metallic or clear & just add to basket and checkout...  I take all payment methods including Paypal...  Don't forget to include any promo codes you may have if you have recently signed up to my mailing list!  These cannot be added after purchase.

If the product offers customisation then just fill in the required fields and place your order! If you don't want it personalised leave the box blank and it will just show the year. You will receive confirmation of order immediately via email and if your product is an instant download then the link will be in the email for you to download if payment has been processed.  

I am now uploading different layouts and you will need to view the item images to choose your cover for these.  They will be represented by a number to add in the box at checkout.

How soon do you dispatch?

My normal processing times are 1-3 working days which is really quick for handmade and personalised products, I like to keep all my customers happy! The exception to this is during a holiday I might take but processing times will be made clear on the home page.  You will see these processing times before you order in this event :)

In case of any other delay I would email you to let you know in advance.  Please use the contact page if you need to get in touch.


Payment and Shipping


Other than instant download items, the physical products available for sale are all shipped via Royal Mail 2nd Class postage - so delivery is usually 2-3 days.  If delivery is urgent please contact me and I can help.


​​Returns & Refunds


If you are not happy with your product then please contact me in advance and i will do my best to help you with either a replacement item or a refund upon return.  If the product is digital, refunds cannot be issued.  If the product is personalised returns/refunds cannot be issued unless its a fault i have made, in which case i will of course replace your item.  Please contact me in the event of any problem arising. 

Your Questions...

Have a question not answered here? Head over to the contact form to submit your question :-)

I haven't received my order via email yet?

The email with your order confirmation should arrive within minutes of completing your order. If it's been more than 10 minutes and you still don't see it, this usually happens for a few common reasons:

1) The email went to your spam/junk folder and is waiting patiently for you there.

2) If you checked out via Paypal, make sure you check the email account associated with your Paypal account (and then see #1 above

3) There was a typo in your email address during checkout. If you've tried #1 and #2 above and still can't find your order email, Send me an email through the Contact Form as soon as possible and I will do my very best to get your sorted! Be sure to include the full name the order was placed under and the date of ordering.

How much personalisation can I have on the cover?

Within reason you can have what you like! I may amend the cover text area slightly to suit your desired text supplied if I think it will look better! An example of this would be if i do a shaded area central to the page rather than the side swash as shown in some images. I always do my best to make it look as good as possible :)